Chest Building Tutorial

Author:- anc001, Greenacres Gamers, Adelaide Dungeon Bowl Cup

Making a 3D game board for your games of dungeonbowl is a rewarding undertaking, but it’s a big project that will require a lot of work and probably some planning and special equipment. In this article I will cover a smaller project to create your own hollow chests to place a ball or bomb in. This task at first seemed impossible but ended up only taking about 5 minutes to make the prototype one evening in-between getting home and going out for a meal (waiting for the girlfriend to get ready- that's the key boys: make that time work for you!)

We begin this story with two of these little chaps, hirst arts dungeon chests cast from dental plaster (I use hydrostone). You can cast these up yourself from a Hirst Arts mold, Cavern Accessory Mold #85, Cavern Floor Accessories #282 and Stone Arch Wall Mold #88. These molds and all the equipment you need are available from Adelaide Dungeon Bowl Cup’s primary sponsor, Griffin Grove

If you aren’t interested in casting these yourself you can purchase them from an authorised Hirst Arts caster for just a couple of dollars per cast. Visit for more information about products available.

Step 1 –

Get your Dremel and attach the finest cutting disk you have, as shown in photo below.

(If you don't have a Dremel close the computer, go get your manhood out of your wife's purse, take some cash while you are there, and return back to this page when you've been to the hardware store to get yourself one!).

Step 2 –

Gently put the chest in a vice of some kind and carefully cut off the lid. Place it in the vice so you clamp the sides at the bottom. (Bottom facing down). A cloth of some kind is used to protect the plaster from damage.

Like so.

Step 3 –

Take your time, be careful, it will take about 15 seconds, go slow and steady, blowing away the plaster dust as you go. Remember to cut in as straight a line as possible. If you are worried cut above the line and sand it down to the line after.

So now you have a dungeon chest's lid.

Step 4 –

Repeat with your second chest. Remember to cut on the other side of the line this time. Gently cut the lid off and keep the bottom.. (The width of the cutting wheel will mean you are left with too small a chest unless you use two as described).

Now we have the two parts.

Step 5 –

Lay a piece of sandpaper down on a flat surface. Gently sand your finished pieces so that joining faces are smooth and level. (As shown in above photo)

Step 6 –

Now here's the clever bit, grab your dremel tool again. This time with Milling tool attachment. The tool needs to have a flat bottom. Carefully hollow out the chest bottom.

Be careful not to go too close to the edge. I was able to get pretty close because I used Dental plaster which is quite strong.

Go slowly and carefully, it took me about 30 seconds (though most of the time was spent sipping on a beer and remarking to myself how damn clever I was to think of this). Be careful to not break through the bottom or sides.

Step 7 –

Next, with your rounded carving/engraving attachment hollow out the underside of the lid.

Now we have plenty of space to store treasure, football or loads of TNT.

Step 8 –

Grab a worn out Dry brush and a pot of Flesh Ink, slap some on. I did not undercoat prime or treat the surface, check out how good it looks after putting some metal on the support bands and latch. 20 second paint job never looked so good.

Looks really good for 5 minutes from start to finish, but I hear some of you negative nellies saying "yes but what if the lid falls off when a dice hits it and my opponent gets a peek at the ball?"

Simple, mix a bit of green stuff, pop a magnet under the lid and one under a base on which the chest will sit, and this will keep the lid held down until you want to pull it off. Here I have drilled a space in a Cavern tile to act as the Chest's base.

For extra credit make a football shape with the leftover Greenstuff. (you did check the magnet's polarity before you greenstuffed them didn't you?- D'OH!)

Well there might be one or two of you who are saying, "But my opponent will hear the rattle inside the chest and know it has the ball!"

In that case, with the leftover green stuff from the magnet step feel free to sculpt a few ugly looking bombs, or just pop your favourite severed heads into the empty chests!

Completed Chest –

There you go folks, 5 minutes including stopping to take all the photos. You'll have a set of 6 done in half an hour.

Do you dare open it? Maybe this is the only chest that isn't packed full of explosives?

I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial.

Till next time.