At the start of each game both coaches roll a D6, combine these rolls (2-12). to determine which dungeon layout is used. (see standard layouts).

To start the game each team sets up 6 players in the 3 entrances to the board on his or her side of the dungeon.

The kickoff table is not used.

Six chests are randomly shuffled and distributed through the dungeon at marked locations. One of them contains the ball. Roll a D6 to nominate the target chest number.

A coin toss selects the player to move first.


Beginning with a player’s second turn reserves may be brought on. Choose one player from the reserves box, the player can make a move, blitz, pass or foul action action, starting from a random teleporter (roll a D6) or any of the entrances on his teams side of the dungeon. This can be done at any time in the coach’s turn. Only one player can enter the game per turn. Once a player has set foot on the field roll Bloodlust, Really Stupid, Wild Animal, Bonehead if the player has one of these skills.

Knocked Out

A coach may attempt to bring a Knocked Out player onto the playing field if he or she has not already brought a player onto the field that turn. Choose a KOed player, roll a D6. If a 6 is rolled the player can take an action, starting from a random teleporter (roll a D6) or a chosen doorway. If the roll to return a player from KO is failed the coach can continue to roll for his other KOed players until one is able to return, any other players remain in the KO box. Only one player may enter the game for each team each turn either from reserves or the KO box.

Players can only come out of the KO box during their turn, not at setup.

Each Bloodweiser babe a team has on staff adds 1 to each KO roll.

Scoring Touchdowns

To score, a coach needs to move a player in possession of the ball off the board through any passageway on his opponent’s side of the dungeon (the opposite side to which he started).

On standard dungeon bowl boards three model doorways are used to represent the dungeon bowl equivalent of an ‘endzone’. Moving a player into the square occupied by the door scores a TD if the player has the ball. The doorway is treated like a solid wall for the purposes of scattering a loose ball or moving a player who is not in possession of the ball.


In a dungeon the game officials have considerable difficulty keeping their eyes on everyone, players are only sent off for fouling if they roll double on the armour roll.


There is no range restriction on passes, but passes are not permitted if a wall intersects the centre of the range ruler at any point along the path of pass.


Wizards keep a close track of each player’s vital signs during the game and remove players from the game the moment they come to harm. All casualties in dungeon bowl are treated as Badly Hurt. Players that successfully regenerate go to the reserves box.