Rather than being played on an open paddock of grass with field lines, dungeon bowl is played in some arrangement of interconnected rooms and corridors. These may take any form, from a natural cave system to the inside of a building or a man-made catacomb or dungeon.

Different dungeon bowl pitches offer different challenges, so coaches will need to be prepared to alter their tactics depending on the playing pitch.

The unusual features of a dungeon will create a multitude of dilemmas during gameplay. Most scenarios have been covered in these rules. It is highly recommended that each coach eads through the rules several times before playing in a tournament.

Players may always move diagonally and around corners as well as assist, follow up etc around corners. For simplicity of play this rule of thumb is recommended “Diagonal Everything Is Allowed”.

Standard Layouts


For balanced and fair gameplay during a tournament the standardized layouts are recommended, as well as random determination of the dungeon to be used for each game. A standard field uses 12 floor sections (6x4) 4 hall sections (2x2) and will also use 6 doors (2x1), 6 chests and 6 teleporters.

Here is an example two-player layout (reload this page to see another example layout - there are fourteen in all):

ADBC2013 layouts FINAL-8.jpg

For informal play varied dungeons are well worth experimenting with.