Teleporting a player

A player that enters the same square as a teleporter for any reason will be randomly relocated. A moving player can teleport as often as he or she wants in a turn.

Roll a D6 (or coloured teleporter dice) and place the player on the teleporter marked with the number or colour rolled. If the number rolled is the same as the teleporter of origin the player is lost for an unknown period of time, place this player in the KO box (the player is actually lost in the ether until the wizards can recover him and put him back into the game).

If one of your players is lost in the teleporter network during your turn, this causes a turnover.

When a player is teleported, he or she is immediately scattered in a random direction (D8) from the destination teleporter (which can cause a push or series of pushes). Note that it is therefore impossible for any player to occupy the same square as a teleporter for more than an instant.

Reroll scatter if there is no valid square for the player (e.g. a wall exists in the square indicated).

Teleporting a scattering ball

If a scattering ball enters a square with a teleporter it will teleport. If the number of the teleporter of origin is rolled the ball reappears from the same teleporter.

This also occurs when a player looses the ball as entering a teleporter.

Passes lost into the teleporter

If a pass is made with the range ruler passing partially over a square with a teleporter, roll a D6 after the passing roll, but only if the pass is not fumbled or intercepted between by a player positioned between the teleporter and the thrower. On a 1 the ball disappears into the teleporter and appears elsewhere exactly as described for a scattering ball. Safe throw skill does not guard against teleporters!

Player with ball enters teleporter

When a player in possession of the ball enters a teleporter scatter the player as normal. Then roll a D6, on a 4+ the player keeps the ball, on a 1-3 the ball is teleported independently.

Loosing the ball into a teleporter causes a turnover.

Losing the ball while entering a teleporter

If a player in possession of the ball is knocked over into the teleporter’s square or pushed into the teleporter’s square by a player with Strip Ball skill the ball and player will teleport separately and independently.

Following up a block into a teleporter

As with all other scenarios when a player enters a teleportation square, he will teleport. If a player is teleported away after a push by a frenzy player the second block can not be taken.

Teleportation Movement Cost

Teleporting does not cost any movement points, only those as normal for moving into the teleporter’s square.

Multiple Teleportations

A player may teleport as many times in a turn as he or she has movement points for, e.g. after teleporting a player may spend 1MA to re-enter that teleporter. However the chances of becoming lost increase.