Modular ADBC Dungeon kit

by Griffin Grove Gaming


  • Mould 282: Cavern Floor Accessories x12 @$2.20ea
  • Fantasy football wing x12 @$4.40ea
  • Mould 212: Skematic Floor Tile x1 @ $2.20ea


  • 6 doors
  • 12 chests
  • 6 teleporters
  • 4 hall sections (2x2)
  • 12 room sections (6x4)


  • Chests and room sections are ready to go, just paint and play.
  • Each doorway piece uses two pillars, 2 doors and two stone half circles. You will need 3 of these for each team in a dungeon bowl game. These can be sat on the playing field or mounted on a 2x1 inch section of floor tiles.
  • The schematic floor mold produces individual tiles with runes carved in them, perfect to represent those magic imbued teleporters in your dungeon.
  • Glue floor tiles to make the 4 2x2 hall sections. Also use the half and quarter tiles to increase variability.

You should also consider ordering a few extra casts of products you particularly like the look of, use your imagination to build interesting features for your dungeon; stairs, water features, pits and traps. Refer to the Adelaide Dungeon Bowl Cup rules pages for inspiration on what dungeon features to include.