How to here's a quick step by step tutorial documenting how I put together my sideline grandstand from (cost approx AU$6.80 plus delivery). I bought two of these, one to go on either side of scoreboard I'm making and eventually I might put something similar all the way around the outside of my next custom pitch. first up, these are the components step 1, put together the supports for the bottom level step 2, put on the supports for the second level step 3, put on the pillars that support the 3rd level (I only used 3 of the 6 as I have plans for the others in another project) now give it a basecoat of black, cheap hobby paint or house paint will do. Better yet, get Ian Plumb at griffingrove to colour theplaster with oxide so it is not white and needs no basecoat. now mix up a lighter tone for the first drybrush, I just used black and white mixed to the shade I wanted [tip! adding a bit of a light brown coloured paint will make it seem like more natural stone colour and less like that horrible monotone blue-grey that most GamesWorshop inspired stone paintjobs end up] now mix up a light grey and very gently and lightly drybrush it on. now use your imagination and add some finishing touches, I added a bit of brown paint in some cracks for dirt buildup, some flock, some touches of green paint for mould or grass and a few blood splatters. [tip! paint over the white areas in the cracks that you missed with brown or red paint, covering up your mistakes and adding new details at the same time! If you let your imagination run free you can expand from this simple mold into something even more impressive for your football stadium or gaming table.