Tutorial: Making Modular Brickwork Walls

Author Anc001

The small brick mold (Hirst Arts #250) is an extremely versatile product that can be used to create large or small scenery for sci-fi, modern or fantasy settings. In this tutorial I show you how to make a modular series of walls for your dungeon, bunker, farm etc.

These are the individual brick pieces contained in this mold.

There are also archway pieces that I have not used in this tutorial.

It is quick and easy to put these together to form a simple wall to whatever length and height you need. Pieces have been glued together using standard PVA woodworking glue.

In the photo below I have added pillars (Mold #282) at either end to add aesthetic value.

I have had build the wall up one extra brick to match the height of these pillars (from the Dungeon Floor accessories mold). As Hirst arts moulds follow a standard size for all their mold bricks it is a very simple and pain free task. Thumbs up Hirst Arts.

By leaving the ends of the walls 'open' it is possible to make walls that can slot into each other,

These can be fit together to make either a straight section,

or by flipping the rotation, a corner

if you make one end of the wall male and one end female you will always have a match for your wall junction

also a handy little corner piece like the one in the photo below allows you to change the orientation of corners

then when you put them all together you get whatever room orientation you want,

When painted the joins become effectively invisible.

give it a try for your next dungeon, dugout, spacehulk, deadzone or necromunda project!