Painting Floor Sections

In this brief tutorial you’ll see how quick and easy it is to give a nice paint job to your dungeon floor tiles. The great thing about plaster castings from Hirst Arts molds is all the hidden detail and texture that comes out strongly with simple dry brushing.

To paint all the floors shown in the pictures below took about 30 minutes.

Stage 1. Shade

a) Find a tin of crappy old house paint that is an earthy or natural shade. I had some mossy green paint.

b) Next, add some of this paint to a tub and add a dollop of black paint to darken it a shade.

c) Water it down enough so that it will flow readily and not glug up the details.

d) Slop it on with a brush and brush it into the creases and try for an even coverage.

Stage 2. Basecoat

a) Put some of the base paint (this time not shaded by black) in a tub.

b) Load your brush with paint and wipe most of the paint off, first on the lip of the tub and then on some newspaper.

c) Heavily drybrush with this colour (if you do this while it is still a bit wet you can get a bit of blending happening)

The aim of this step is to paint all areas except the deepest cracks and pits.

At first it doesn’t seem like much is changing, but each lighter drybrush adds more depth and interest to the appearance. Keep going and don’t judge your work until you’ve been through all the steps.

Stage 3. Lighter drybrush

a) Mix the base colour with a cream or white paint in a 1:1 ratio

b) Again wiping most of the paint off, drybrush the tiles, aiming to get less paint on the tiles than last time.

Stage 4. White drybrush

a) The last and crucial step is to drybrush with your cream/white colour. This is the stage in which you need to be careful to use too much paint. A heavy hand with the white will stand out, but if done lightly it will pick up the edges of the tiles and the cracks to really accentuate the texture. It is better to drybrush the white colour too lightly and have to go back over again for a second try than to over-do it.

Stage 5. Finishing Details

The last step in finishing your paint job is to get creative.

a) Paint some algae and lichen with your murkiest shades of green and brown.

b) Add some flock or lichen to the dark recesses of your dungeon.

c) Splat around some shades of red as blood splatters.