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Shrike 2013 is ready to roll

tournament news, by Olaf the Stout

Have you ever wished you could design your own miniature? At Southern Shrike Bowl (SSB), you can do just that. MVP votes from each game are totalled and the best player is declared the SSB MVP. If your player wins, you then get to design a miniature in that player’s likeness, and the mini is given out as a gift to everyone at the following SSB (along with lots of other cool items in your free prize pack).

If that wasn't awesome enough, at the next SSB, your MVP can be taken as a Star Player on any team. The 2012 SSB MVP was a Chaos Pact Minotaur (pictured). So at SSB this year you’ll see Minotaurs racking up kills for Amazon, Halfling and even High Elf teams!

Of course SSB is about more than a cool mini, prize pack and prizes for every player. Over 6 games of Bloodbowl there are mini games, challenges and more. [The editor of this article has won miniatures just for being the first person to be scored on at SSB2011]

Players are matched by skill level (Swiss pairings) so serious players float to the top, while newbs, stunties and those with a more relaxed approach to the game fill up the bottom half of the draw

All 3 SA BB leagues attend, so if you think you might want to get into Bloodbowl but don't know how, SSB is the best way to dip your feet in the water and learn what gaming options are available near you.



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Featured House Rule

by anc001

Looking for a little flavour in your next game of Bloodbowl? Try this special rule.

AFOUL House rule card

Deck: Crowds

Stunty-Loving Crowd

"Stunty players pushed out are not injured but are instead thrown back onto the pitch D6 squares using the sideline template.

Otherwise use applicable rules for throw team mate."


Hobby Corner

by anc001


You might have had a go at sculpting a new shoulderpad or a replacement arm for a weapon-snip but have you thought of trying your hand at sculpting a whole mini?

Its not that hard and you don't need much to get started.

  • epoxy putty (e.g. green stuff)
  • sculpting tool
  • armature

Apparently most sculptors use only one sculpting tool, so a basic set is enough for the beginner.

For my first attempt (left) I used a reaper non-heroic "dolly" (also known as an armature). These are great for beginers because most of the muscles and mass have been started for you. Just whack some putty on and move it around.

My tips:

  • When a bit looks good, stop working so you don't accidentally smooosh it when doing the next bit
  • Lube the tool lightly with vaseline or similar
  • Unhappy with a bit? Hack it off and try again!
  • Mount on a cork to make it easy to handle


Pictured above:

Clockwise from left

  • Reaper 28mm posable dolly
  • Reaper 28mm heroic male dolly
  • Reaper 28mm non heroic male dolly
  • Hasslefree 25mm armature
  • Reaper 28mm non heroic female dolly
  • Reaper 28mm heroic female dolly

Pictured above:

Left Count Luthor mini by Games Workshop
(sculpted by Gary Morley/ Ally Morrison;

Right Crazy Igor (sculpted by anc001,
but with a GW head added from the bitz box)

10 Reasons why Dreadball is better than Bloodbowl

by anc001

  1. Players can activate multiple times per turn
  2. Players have facings & a field of view
  3. More types of fouls!
  4. Hex movement
  5. Less minis needed- A maxed out team required purchase of exactly 2 team boxes
  6. Games are shorter (great for tourneys)
  7. Less dreary setup time (at kickoffs)
  8. More special event occurrences in game
  9. Good quality minis for cheap, AU$25
  10. Novel and satisfying dice/stats system

(bonus) The company that makes the game supports the game and cares about its community


Next time we'll turn the tables and look at this topic from the other direction

Upcoming Events

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