Special Play Cards in Dungeon Bowl:

In our ruleset we strive to create an unpredictable and challenging game for coaches. Randomly selecting from different (but standardized) dungeon layouts helps, as does the random allocation of the ball into a trapped chest, and the unpredictable effects of the teleporters. However, rules for hidden traps and unexpected events proved more difficult to get right. To truly capture the unpredictable and treacherous feel of dungeon bowl it became necessary to create a series of special play cards. These cards can be used to spring a trap or an unexpected event on an opponent. They have proved very popular as the element of anticipation they create is an essential part of playing the game at its fullest. You get a real sense that the dungeon is a treacherous place for a blood sport!. Conversely, the dungeon can be a harsh place, and sometimes there is just too much uncertainty to be able to formulate a good plan. Some of the cards can be used to mitigate risks and boost your own play, for example by choosing the teleporter your player will be transported to or having a chest not explode when it otherwise would have.

These dungeonbowl Special Play Cards have been developed by players of AFOUL for use in the Adelaide Dungeon Bowl Cup and other games of fantasy football that use a ruleset derived from or similar to our own (chests, teleporters, etc). Chances are they will work for your games of Dungeon bowl, whichever rules you use.

They have four types (like suits in a poker deck):

  • Traps. The most unpredictable and deadly of dungeon features, be careful where you step!
  • Chests. Explosives are the classic way to rig a chest, but not the only way.
  • Teleporters. Have you ever tried to teleport someone? It is really hard and sometimes things go wrong.
  • Cavern Features. There are a lot of ways how a dungeon can differ from a field of grass and these cards try to show some of these.
  • Special cards. In addition to the primary types above, some cards capture other features of the game, such as referees.

How to use these cards in your games of Dungeon Bowl:

1) As an inducement.

Each card has a value printed in the lower right corner, (10,000gp). This allows the underdog team in a game to use these cards to boost their performance. The cards have been playtested through over a 100 games and the unanimous opinion of the playtesters is that they are a welcome addition to the game and balanced to the 10,000gp value.

2) To add extra variability and fun to the game.

To more accurately capture the treacherous challenges of the dungeon every player should be given 1-3 cards each per game. The more cards in the game, the more wild and unpredictable it will be.

An example of these cards is pictured to the right (reload this page to generate a random picture of a different card).

A full list of cards can be found in the Dungeobowl Rules section.

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