Coaches have 550,000gp to spend, with 6-16 players per team chosen from the 24 NAF approved races.

Team Staff that may be purchased:

  • 0+ Dungeon Bowl special play cards (10,000gp).
  • 0-3 bribes Bribes may be used in the usual way.
  • 0-2 bloodweiser babes (each gives a +1 to return rolls for knocked out players).
  • 0-2 star players (Star players are trepidacious about playing in a dungeon bowl game. Before setting up roll a D6 for each star player, on a roll of a 4+ the star player may set up as normal, on the roll of a 1-3 they must start the game in the KO box to represent their apprehension about playing.

Team options that are not available:

  • rerolls
  • fan factor
  • cheerleaders
  • apothecaries