Other Games

In addition to Tournaments, over the course of Greenacres Gaming Weekend a variety of free game sessions and demonstrations will be run. These events give new players (and folks who don’t have a lot of time) the opportunity to drop in for a short time and get involved at no cost and with minimal commitment.

The gaming events listed here and in the registration pages will be informal, fun and friendly. The list may grow and events might be rearranged, extended or swapped depending on what you and your friends want to play. We have scheduled specific times for play sessions and gaming demos, but if there is enough interest they will run throughout the day whenever there are enough people interested to join in.

The one common theme you will see through these events is that they focus on simple, quick and easy miniatures games. If you have a favourite miniatures boardgame that is not mentioned here feel free to get in touch and run a game session at the event.

Kings of War 15-3-2014 3-5pm

Although it is not a boardgame, Mantic Games’ fantasy wargame plays just as easily. Rules are very simple and designed to make the game quick and fluid. Units take wounds that effect their leadership, so there is no need to remove models. Movement is simplified from the painful wheeling we are all familiar with in games like Warhammer Fantasy.

There is a passionate and growing community for Kings Of War in Adelaide. Greenacres Gaming Weekend will be helping build this community by setting up a demonstration table throughout the event and running a game on the Saturday afternoon. Come along and see why people are deserting WHFB in droves for KOW!

Deadzone Sunday 16-3-2014 3-5pm

The new sci-fi skirmish game from Mantic Games is due out at the end of 2013. It features grid based movement, small forces and a clever dice mechanic that will be very familiar to dreadball players. Members of Greenacres Gamers will be showing off the game by setting up a table and running a game at 3pm Sunday. If you are interested in checking out deadzone but can’t make it to this demo session, just come along and linger around the Deadzone table and you stand a good chance of getting a run-through or even a full game.

Zombiecide Saturday 1pm, Sunday 11am, Sunday 1pm plus ‘pickup’ games

There aren’t many better miniatures games out there for a few people to sit around and work cooperatively in an easy and light-hearted (but tense and challenging) game. Games can be run with almost any number of players. It’s a perfect game to join in on if you don’t know any of the games being played over the Greenacres Gaming Weekend and you want to have a go.

Three one hour slots have been scheduled when we will be running games of Zombiecide, but being such an easy and fun game to play (not to mention addictive) there’s a good chance you can get a game in at other times too.

And More?

Other games sessions, demonstrations and hobby tutorials will be added as offers and requests come in from people like you. What do you want to see at Greenacres Gaming Weekend? Let us know and keep an eye on the forums and Facebook for all the up to the minute developments.